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We’ve tried to make booking super simple:

  1. Click “Book A Session”
  2. Select which type of appointment you are after
  3. Add more dogs if there are more than 3 to book (you get up to 3 included as standard)
  4. Select the date and time
  5. Enter your contact details
  6. Add more bookings if you want them
  7. Select “Credit Card”
  8. Press “Confirm Booking”
  9. A new window will open taking you to our payment processing partner “Stripe”- add your payment info here
  10. Once done you’ll be redirected back to our website where you’ll receive a confirmation message.


If you are a member or pass holder a coupon code will show alongside the booking process. This is unique to you. At point 7 add your coupon code to remove all costs as you’ve already paid upfront.

You can reschedule bookings up to 12 hours before your booking. To manage your booking select “Manage Bookings” from the menu – then you will see each booking you have. At the right hand side of each booking you will see an icon/button to click to edit if you are within the applicable rescheduling time.

Absolutely not. Bookings are open for any dog owners. If you are a regular user then please consider membership.

Membership ultimately means cost savings for you. It’s like a pre-payment. You buy an upfront monthly or annual pass and then can book online using a unique discount code which removes all costs as you’ve already paid them.

If you visit 3 times per week then it could cost you as much as as £1,400 per year. With membership it’s just £390 paid annually or £468 paid monthly. 

Absolutely. We use a payment provider called “Stripe” who are one of the most widely used online merchants. You are in very safe and secure hands. We personally do not handle any payment data.

We have no artificial lighting at any of our paddocks due to our planning constraint.

You are allowed to bring up to 3 dogs for each session. You can pay for additional dogs at booking up to a total of 10 dogs. There must be 1 handler for every 3 dogs.

Whilst our dog park is private, the definition of a “public place” contained within the Prevention of Crime Act 1953 at section 1(4) includes “any other premises of place to which at the material time the public have or are permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise.”

Therefore, it is possible that this law could be interpreted that Dogs defined under The Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) should be muzzled and kept on a lead whilst using the dog park.

This area of law remains untested. It is your responsibility as an owner to make an educated and informed decision as to how the legislation affects your usage of the Dog Park and your application of the law with regard to your legal obligations of dog ownership.

The Landowner and Petersfield Dog Park accepts no liability for the death of, or injury to, any person/dog, or for damage to any property. We also accept no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by you during the use of the dog park.

All sessions are completely exclusive, so when you book, it will only be you using the paddock unless you have invited friends or family members to come along with you.

You can cancel your session up to 24 hours before your session starts via our website by clicking manage bookings. When you cancel a session with us or we refund you for a particular reason, you will receive a cancellation email and the money will return into your bank account within 5-10 business days.

Responsibility is with our customers to pick up their dog’s poo during their session in the dog park, we have provided poo bags and bins to easily dispose of any waste. If any customers do not pick up and dispose poo, we have the right to stop you using our site. We empty the bins regularly.

We have two water sources so your dog can enjoy a drink at the end of their walk or give them a rinse before getting in the car.

We do not offer refunds or rescheduling due to the weather conditions, we have a field shelter, if you want some cover from rain or the sun then feel free to utilise this feature. The only exception to this rule is if there is a RED weather warning in place over our facility as issued by the Met Office.

You can book up to 6 months in advance if you are a typical day-to-day users. Members can book up to 12 months in advance.

Any structural issues or storm damage is normally repaired within 24-48 hours. We undertake regular visual inspections to make sure everything is in order and well maintained. We have our own mower so keep about 50% of the dog park well trimmed with the other 50% being left to long grass with pathways cut through it.

We understand poo is sometimes left in the dog park – we reiterate that this is your responsibility to tidy up after your dog. We do try our best to clear up where we can but due to the high volume of dogs it’s hard for us to maintain and take any responsibility daily. We provide poo bags and poo bins so there’s no excuse!

Our team are generally in the Canine Fitness Centre from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. You can call us on 01730 827994 or email We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Please see your confirmation email for an emergency mobile phone number.

The dog park is licensed for use up until 20:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these hours there is the possibility that the front gate will be locked and closed. There are instructions in your confirmation email as to how to unlock this.

Clients with limited mobility may find access difficult. There is a slight gradient and might be slippy in the winter. In the summer parking in the dog park enables access along with solid ground and well mown grass. If you’d like to visit and check first you are more than welcome.

Greenforde Farm Business Park is a tiny 4 unit community of rural businesses including a kitchen firm, vet nurse school, the Canine Fitness Centre and a business energy management firm. There are occasional lorries that visit but they are rare and don’t tend to disturb your visit. 75% of the dog park is bordered by the beautiful South Downs rurality.

Yes. The field next door generally has retired Polo ponies. They are not bothered by dogs and don’t tend to come near to the Dog Park. Occasionally the local sheep escape and join the horses. They avoid the dog park too – except for one who the owner describes as having dementia and is not at all worries about your dogs. There is 6ft deer fencing along the border so both livestock and your dogs are well separated.

When you book the dog park the park itself is exclusive to you. 

You must pre-book the Dog Park separately from the Canine Fitness Centre. Bookings are not mutually inclusive. Petersfield Dog Park is operated independently of The Canine Fitness Centre.

Petersfield Dog Park Terms and Conditions

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